Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As if I am ever finished --but I have added a few more things-- and packed "KAT " for her trip back to Velia!! No one here --liked the blank stare-- and since I am doing this for someone else -- I thot I would get a majority vote-- on "some" things. well if I didnt do some diffy it wouldnt be myslant on it--.I like Diffy..maybe too diffy-- but I love manga and anime etc etc so I hope Kat is somewhere in between NOW...And to all of you --that commented --Sorree-- I didn't realize they needed my approval to be shown -- Heck-- I am just so happy to have comments..Any way-- I went to read them @ gmail prompted by a friend hihi and oops I just deleted--after I read them anyway I think I did as they dont show up--- How do I approve them??? Welll Know-- that I am happy --you looked-- and I will get this game in gear soon Ihope


Kai said...

Well, I LOOOOOVE her so-called 'blank stare'! She's wonderful! I wish I had your creative way of thinking, but I am just ODD as opposed to creative or artistic! LOL! I still think this pretty lil' cat lady looks like one of the members of the Broadway musical, "Cats!"

HElen said...

Kat doll is gorgeous! You are creating wonders out of those UFO!

Anonymous said...

I just love this doll Jan!! she is just so enchanting, I think she is my favorite and glad to see you back!!