Monday, November 24, 2008

I can always tell

when my things appeal to my youngest grandaughter I find them in her room hoho I luv it-- Kids are my best critics..Now I have to make a polar bear as the kids fell in love with this bear-- when they went to Atlanta with their mom and if my plate isnt full enough We have umpteen birthdays in NOVEMBER!!!!

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Kai said...

Those are such great photos of Erika & the kiddos! And the round lil' snowman reminds me of something or someone ... oh, yeah! Round ME! Bwahahahaha! Only HE'S adorable! But the doll ... oh, that DOLL! She is truly the MOST beautiful doll I've ever seen! I'm SERIOUS, my Jan! She's everything a doll is SUPPOSED to be. The colors, her expression, her outfit ... I'm in LOVE! You will SO be hearing more on my impression of her in tonight's email. I've been telling you for almost 3 years now that you are an ARTIST. But you are MORE than an artist if you can create something that brings tears to my eyes just to SEE her. (Yeah, I'm SERIOUS!) You're AMAZING! (And, YES! I'd DEFINITELY think that even if you WEREN'T my best friend! LOL!)