Monday, November 24, 2008

dont know why

I cant seem to finish this lil red fairy I guess when I worry too much about the outcome!?!? I start to hesitate?? Anyway-- I took a break and pulled out a UFO..Of course I was going to take step by step pixs but welllll I did take a few..The doll's face was already peciled in so allI did was pull out my water color pecils and gave her dome color the I did a lil needle sculpting and I put on rust suade yarn for hair I love faces and on to the legs I loved the knee bead used so I went thru my fat quarters and found almost a match !! The I threw my fat quarter on the table and started her costume I like my legs a lil longer that this doll so I filled in the ankle which I covered and added a foot and made some shoes I was on a roll!!!

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Kai said...

Oooooooh! She's GLORIOUS! Of course,I'm commenting on your blogs backwards, so I've seen her completed, but she was ALREADY beautiful in PROGRESS, my Jan! You KNOW I love her colors! They give her a sweet glow! And you always do such pretty faces! You need to teach your artistically challenged Kai to do faces like yours! Anyway, she's absolutely PERFECT!