Saturday, October 25, 2008

To quote --- the lil Engine

I think I can --I think I can!! Can "what" you say??--Well a friend sent a box of--- UFOS ---and said -- See what you can do with these?? Welllll--- I always like a challenge--My only problem is--Will "she" like--- what I do with them!?!?!We all have such different taste(that is what makes it so interesting --dont you think??) and as you can see-- my newest love is anime..Whatever -- Here is my box of UFOS !! Sorry !! I was in such a hurry to get started--- I didnt "think" (not that is a bothersome problem with me hahah)to pick the first body WHY that one??because she had such a colorful body (and no head) I love to do faces.My friend does gorgeous ART DOLLS.. But she did say-- Go for it-- so here is what I came up with ..and I must have six or more bodies..but some of these already have heads-- and some even have a face sketched in-- SO to get started --I found one I could really have my way with-- haha --thanks Velia !! it has put some life back into my creative spirit!?!?! Which I thot-- I had lost forever with my recent loss--- Ready?? tell me what you think--hohoho I asked for trouble didnt L??

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Kai said...

Ooooooh, I HOPE this comment shows up! I commented on ALL your posts the other night and NONE showed up! Grrrrrr! I still can't figure out WHY! Anyway, I LOVE this doll! I like this style, too! She reminds me of a mod version of one of the Broadway actresses from CATS! Veeeeery cool!