Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost an artist

I think --if I could stick to-- one art --and perfect it..I could call myself an artist !! but-- as soon as I finish one project-- I see another-- I want to try --Of course with the internet --feeding this mostorous curiousity !!!--Still --- I cant just blame the internet-- as I have always had this (artistic?) ADD--- a case in point---My brother just sent me some childhood (colored Chalk) drawings --and said-- What happened ?? I was sure you would be an artist someday !! ?? My reply-- was that I hadn't reallly found my niche yet!! Too many crafts and so little time!! The drawing I am posting-- was of Pika..my then cat-- and I am posting my now (live cat) Mr Moo --because he sits on my craft (and computer) table and keeps me company.. Well if stting on my computer-- and swatting-- and tasting my crafts.. makes him company SOBEIT!! --Also --he is the only one-- who thinks my crafting is interesting..brownie points for him!!

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Kai said...

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Mr. Moo is NOT the only one who finds your art interesting! You KNOW I do!!!!! I WISH I could draw like that! And I think Mr. Moo is telling you to draw HIM!