Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well I actually made the deadline on these two --Now to see-- If I can cook those Colombian deserts-- we need for the exhibit--If they come out I may even add a pix here hohoh Now to see if my swaps are on time Oh my I havent even started on Christmas -- much less my swaps and I thot my alnighterdays were dont hmmm


Kai said...

Oh, my Jan! He's PERFECT! I MEAN it! He is so beautifully detailed! Do you hear that sound? It's ME, applauding wildly! He (and also the lovely lady doll) turned out GREAT!

Glittering threads on the wind said...

Looks like Juan Valdez himself, the coffee guys for 100% columbian coffee. And she is wonderful though I bet might be a bit cold there with no sleeves. Good job.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your dolls are lovely Jan. Well done

Anonymous said...

I am sure they will be a a hit at school Jan, they are great!

Bear said...

they will be a sure fire hit at the exhibit- you are amazing!

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo