Saturday, December 4, 2010


Guess--- what I do--- when that old ADD hits??? Turn to "experimenting"!!! I was walking thru a store the other day--- and saw this silver ornament for a dollar and then my husband and I mosied on over to the store right next door and I found the cutest lil doll for a dollar..and then I looked for some nail polish..white and silver..My husband has learned --not-- to question the purchases-- haha-- But I was right -- the white nail polish makes the doll look like porcelein --and the siver helps add her into the ornament-- I did put the wrong glue to hold her-- in the ornament and it sort of ate the foam inside -- but it was too full anyway-- and after all it is only an experiment --I havent decided if I will paint features on the face and if the hair will be black nail polish or white mohair??? < am thinking this will be a neat project for Kami and her friends...And I am trying to learn how to work myself into my New Year promise to show How I do things !!! I have taught HOW--- but i CANT DO PATTERNS..i CAN ONLY DO FACE TO FACE THUS FAR....AND USUALLY JUST KIDS BECAUSE THEY DONT ALWAYS KNOW MORE THAN ME HEHEHEH

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Kai said...

WAAAAHHHHH! The photo isn't showing up, and I REALLY want to see!!!! That sounds so cool! Can you try to re-post the picture or send it to me when you write? I'll be back to email you after 8!