Tuesday, December 7, 2010

meet "OPSI"

WHY OPSI?? Well my daughter bought me an order--from her work--- for a simple doll..for a little girl--I told her I dont do simple --- and she said -- OH Mom -- that should be so much easier-- HRUMP Is that a challenge??-SO I made a simple doll-- out of soft quishy material--- but - she needed clothes -- (to me at least) -- SO I made her a bonnet our of velvet and a pretty velvet and lace dress-- and Of course then-- she needed --at least eyes - so I put in lil black button ones-- and there is where--- OPSI-- came in---I was told to lose her fancy clothes and put something that could be played with..ANd lose those lil black button eyes --Not safe --- welll I can hand embroider some eyelashes or something .BUT..It is going to bug me not to have a full face and I will have to make another doll just to wear the fancy clothes...TOnight I embroider some eyes ...I hope I can leave it there But I have to admit Opsi is kinda cute !! And once is always enough for me soooooooooooooooo

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Kai said...

OOOOOOH!!!! I think she's about the most adorable doll EVER! I LOVE HER! I was JUST getting ready to start tonight's email to you & saw you'd updated your blog so I HAD to come see this lil' darling! And Opsi is the cutest name! That's going to be a VERY loved doll!