Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talk about mixed feelings

My Mom --at almost 94 -- as she puts it..has decided to return things!! YOu guessed it--these two Santas were made for her--and now she has sent them "home"!! WHew!! she kept the jackets and clothes I made her-- hohohoOh-- MY Cant even find the words for this one.....psssss Yes --SOmeone noticed that we had strung lights on our bulb tree--Not necessary-- and not as fun to do --but we try most anything around here as you know---Maybe that is why we experience the most unusual things all year long!?!?!?!?!


Kai said...

Your mom is a trip! LOL! How could she even ENTERTAIN the idea of sending these cuties back? Sigh.

Sue said...

It's hard to fathom, Jan. I think my feelings would have been hurt, too. They are just so fabulous, I can't imagine - but then, someday, we'll probably do things that make our kids scratch their heads, too!