Friday, December 10, 2010


hERE IS THE GIVEAWAYS---and a PS..I am constantly being asked if I have an ETSY SHOP..Thanks everyone -- I know that is a life is too complicated right now to do that kind of selling ---the paypals and mailings and I let my seller license go--- and i live in a new state and all that jazz you handle so well when you are just starting out -- I sold for MANY A YEAR in our own store IN ILLINOIS--- along with many other talented people--- I delighted in promoting..including two very talented D_I_LS--who took over when my artistic ADD TURNED me TO CATERING!! WE DIDNT JUST DO CAKES ----WE LOVED TO CHALLENGE (my sons and I)each other over who could be the most creative with veggie platters and fruit platters and Just whatever seemed impossible to do.. Need I say we tried as much as we could hihihihih AND--- I still have some of my (untranslated) japanese garnishing books..WELLLLL "TMI" I know but Now you know!!!!!!!

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Kai said...

Those are some SUPER giveaway beauties! Whoever gets ANY of them will be so happy! And YOU, my Jan, are the bestest! I LOVE YOU!