Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Now isnt this a perfect lil holiday tree for someone in a nursing home!? Grab one of those green foam cones they sell (even at the dollar store--I believe mine is the DOllar Tree)or if you wish -- the floral dept of a craft store and a box of inexpensive bulbs and pull out the hanger and add airdryclay to the hole left but the missing hanger-- and then add a toothpick--in the adc-- Let it dry and then arrange your bulbs on the cone --SO simple and so colorful for a holiday treat for someone!


Kai said...

This is AWESOME!!!!! I'm going to make 4 of these for the ladies I've adopted from the nursing home as well as some for me, me, me!!!!! Brilliant, my Jan!

Sue said...

Love this - I'm going to have to try it. Did you use regular glass balls or did you use those unbreakable ones?