Friday, December 10, 2010

Mother ---May I ????

COme back in-!?!?--I promise to not walk across you computer and not scatter your wip-- to find a place to nestle--- and ---"if" you give me a lil castnip-- i WONT EVEN TRY TO EAT YOUR AIRDRY CLAY?? or chew on any rubber bands I can find---Hmmm Moo's deals last as long as mine! tho?!?!I had my prim angel in the giveaway and unthinkingly sold it to someone--..but like Mr MOO---I DEAL---AND LIKE MR MOO -- I DO GET MYSELF INTO MORE MESSES..i AM MAKING A PRIM TO ORDER NOW -- THat means finding the right colors and such... and more CHristmasy !?!?SO Yes I let him in because untill I learn--cant expect him to learn??I am reposting the giveaways as some people have thot it just two things..ANd if I dont put them up I will let myself sell them before the give away---

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Kai said...

Pssst! Hey, Mr. Moo! C'mere! MY door is open - wanna come in? Heeeere, kitty-kitty!