Sunday, December 5, 2010


WHIle I am experimenting I pulled out one of the three resin heads -- I was given ( from a crafty friend in Illinois --who is also moving...and selling all her goodies toO-- BAD i CANT BRING ANYTHING BACK WITH ME .We are in too small a space right now to have ANYTHING!! So Jenny cant give it to me and I cant bring anything back boohooo anyway TMI --Back to the story...I tried a wax over on one of the heads to warm it up a lil and it does look warmer but shiny and some colors are a lil off so have some redos But heck that is what experimenting is all about LEARNING !! WHile I was takng a pix of the face I took one of my lil silver bell to see if I could get a better look for you and show her 24 hours later when the nail polish had dried,,,, Either I retouch a few parts and leave her like so or I put hair and paint a face???? WIll let you know hehehehehe

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Kai said...

OMG! Jan, you make the most gorgeous faces EVER! And I think this is going to be one of your 'SPECIALLY pretty dolls! You KNOW I wanna see her finished!