Friday, March 30, 2012

Pleasant surprises

Aren't these gorgeous??? They are from my swap partner / Jan Smith/ in--- the UK--I have decided that  these wonderful English lassies are  some of the best swap partners ever--This was a Matchbox swap on Flckr-- Which I found out about--- from  Another fabulous craft-er from England----The ever crafting--always full of ideas ---Sherry Edwards  --- But back to  My lil matchbox --- full of goodies and a matching ATC--Plus all the goodies you see here!!------ SO not only do I learn new things from these wonderful ladies but my naughty muse has decided to to  help me out a lil--I have   five  of  my ten  ATCs  "nearly" done --Whew!!! And no ---they aren't exact --look-a-likes---  but enough-- to get by with --And today  I dropped in at AC MOOREs --to check out tags--  for a tag swap--  and was surprised  to find ---Nothing ---and we didn't have time to go to the Michael's--- about  half hour away --as  No school today --so we were killing time between chauffeuring the kids here and there--Altho someone had said to try--- Staples--  for the tags--- which --IS --in town.--.Anyway I found  something at AC MOOREs ---I "think"!?!? will work -- You know me and my substitutes--- and of course---  I found some inks I liked  etc--etc --But I  wasn't done with pleasant surprises-- The lady in line --in front of me-- couldn't use the 50% off coupon she had --because she only had one thing and it was already discounted---And she turned to me --and said -- HERE  you use it!!!I rest my case--for PLEASANT Surprises!!!   

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Kai said...

WOW! Awesome goodies!!!!! Glad you got a great swap partner!