Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here is my first card

 Made --to see what I would like to make-- and to help me go faster-- knowing what I need-- at hand-- The only problem --is--- I didn't look at the ATC pkg when I bought it (thinking all atcs are alike!!)  Not!!!  This pkg had  four different kinds of paper--and all but the first one  curled up when I sprayed them--- I think I can fix the problem--but next time---!!!!!!Still-- there was no visible difference in the way the papers accepted the  color (whew)And of course I thot of another design I would have liked to use and another and another--but  that is only because I am struggling to do "more than one" of  ONE thing--Anyhoo I thot  this lil bird --singing  of spring-- in the garden-- to this lil girl--was cute--I almost did  a butterfly or my dragonfly made with fantasy paper or just flowers  but I think  others will do this and no doubt better--so I hope my lil gal will be whimsical enough --  that--  "if" the design itself is not quite the same-- the idea is cute enough to pull it thru to satisfy everyone??????? Fingers crossed !!! :)

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