Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soooo What have I been up to?????

Messes of course!!! I joined a new group called the Paper Pantry--  Well new to me--with all their members--I would say they have been around for awhile---  Anyway---Trying a new adventure-- as always---And boy--  was I in for a surprise !!!!!I  am use to  ONE of a kind deals -- and  NOW --I  have to make  Ten----Yes--- Ten --all the same---ATCs  for a swap!! Moi --that  I don't own any of the  paper making doodads..Which means  --my challenge--- will be getting ten things to look alike--I did invest in some spray inks and such--And-- having a ball--- testing them all out-- Cuz  if there is one thing I love  --it is  trying new things and color!!! But --it will be awhile-- before I even--think about investing in one of those embossing or cutting machines----Anyway-- ATC stands for ARTIST  trading  so I guess my drawings will pass for art???? Sure hope so--I started on the Kitchen table--  but the porch door was open-- and birds lulled me out (and things dry faster on the porch) Anyway--I always forget to show how and what I am working on--- I get lost in the process--so this is not a step by step yet-- but I feel good  that I remembered  to take a few pixs  --The theme is Garden dreams and  I have the back almost done on at least five hihi --Here is where I put  my info---

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Kai said...

Those are looking AWESOME! I love the soft colors against the Springy green background! Don't know how on EARTH you can replicate these WITHOUT machines. Oh - YES, I do! YOU ROCK! THAT'S why!!!!