Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear  Friends...
As we 'Spring' forward tomorrow before retiring for the evening, a step in deleting one hour from of our life, may the following prayer hold you until we 'Fall' back again,
 in November


As I thank you for the gift of
life, I also thank you for the
gift of wonderful people I have
met along this journey.  Some
of them inspire me, stretch
me, challenge me, love me and
encourage me.  All of them
helped me to realize how
meaningful and beautiful my
life is.  I love them so much.
Bless them -- with good
health, security, wealth,
success, peace and joy.
Grant their prayers too.

1 comment:

Kai said...

That's BEAUTIFUL! Oh, my Jan! You are SO much sweeter than I am! I wrote a hateful post about Daylight Savings Time! LOL! No wonder I love you so much!!!!