Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tweety (continued)

  Oh My -- I  shouldn't stay away too long--- I forget how to blog!?!?! Got :Tweety's picture up before I commented and then -- my blog wouldn't let me comment--Soooo ---Tweety this is for you!!! Before there were Angry Birds-- There was Tweety--and I still have a couple of T-shirts  with Tweety on them---His sayings were soooo  perfect for my moods/ hmmm! Just pop one on and  didn't have to say a word!! Any hoooo  it has been a super crazy start of a new year for me--And when I saw this lil pix--I knew I had to have it!!!!Next post will be back to my crafting -- (the thing that keeps me sane !?!?!)I have a Match box
Challenge on Flckr--introduced to me by my favorite-- UK Gal --Sherry Edwards--Of-- Sherry's Simple Blog--- I don't know where she gets the energy or the ideas  but  she is  a whirlwind of ideas and energy!!
And Flckr  has so much going on--it should keep even an art/ADD person like me  happy--- for awhile!?!?!Next----------

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