Tuesday, April 3, 2012


If the  cute lil squirrels --out side our breakfast nook --eating  "everything" in sight--(nuts -- bread-- bird seed-- according to  the husband ---they should "share" --not eat "everything"-- and "hide" what they cant) or the pile "I" have on the table --to finish tackling my TAGS and ATCs---  frustrated him more this morn !?!?hmmm---- Anyway--  thot I would show you  a finished tag--It is suppose to be a vintage lady with a feather /charm /or stick pin--  and in black 'n' white --or sepia--I chose black and white---and  included  a heart shaped charm ---a small (looks like) stick pin I made --and a feather---I cut out the music from a guitar magazine (my grandson was throwing away)---I scuffed the  picture up  a bit--Put it on a white tag and then put that on a black card stock (I had )and cut to shape -- etc etc-- and  put Melodies and Memories on it!  Now to make three more--I have Five atcs finished-- YAY!!!!!Of course "I" like the very first one best--I tend to lose interest quickly --As I said---  I like --doing-- one of a kind---more than one-- becomes a struggle---But I will  learn from this--!?!?!  I Hope!?!?!?!

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Kai said...

Soooooo cool! I 'specially like the black one with the befeathered lady! But ALL are beautiful!