Monday, July 27, 2009

blast from the PAST

First--- my daugther says--- she is going to find and give me a "cd" she had made --of pixs of some of my older craftin days --Don't remember imortalizing anything in photos back then-- maybe I just knew --they would better be forgotten???? Then my mom -- who is in her 90's--has decided to redistribute "her" clutter.. mostly things I had made her!! So since I am still not up to crafting...I decided to give myself a giggle and anyone else who decided to peek in ..and hopefully show you do et better with time ---welll you are suppose to ..if you stick to it and practice and---not jump around to new things--- all the time----Thatll learn me!?!?!?!?!?!??!?Where shall I start???! welll lets see grab a cuppa coffee cuz the first one is one I made for mom (and similar ones for her two friends..however-- I only have hers) they use to meet at a lil coffee place (she lives in Fla -- so most places have Spanish names..This one is "El Gallo de ORO " or the Golden Rooster...I made them in clay years ago and they havent chipped or faded WOW!!! I also made A Golden rooster in old lame --with wire legs etcetc for the owner and a tole painted picture of a Rooster-- lookin at his watch-- sayin -- Time for -- El Gallo de ORO!! Those --I dont have pixs of --nor were they returned-- I guess that is a good sign??More oldies later !!!

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Kai said...

Woooohoooo! Both Blogger AND Typepad have been refusing to let me in lately but I am STUBBORN and keep coming back to try! HA! This time it allowed me in! My Jan, I love the Gallo de Oro! What a cool idea! See? You were ahead of your time THEN and you still are! MY HERO!