Saturday, July 11, 2009


Talk about getting a get well boost!! Linda WALSH put up ---a too kind interview --on her blog --- I LOVE CRAFTS ---for blogs and top blogs--- OH Dear Linda--- I wish I wasnt so computer illterate -- I wanted to put your title on my blog and in my emails-- but I have to ask for help----I have a few awards people sent me that I dont know how to put up ---Honest!!! Makes me so mad at myself--- I dont want people to think I am not grateful--- but I need to learn how to do this ..I keep thinking I am talking to myself like a diary here.. apparently not so Thanks guysand esp thanks LInda That was soo sweet of you I am still blushing hugs jandee

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Chez Le Pouppe said...

You are not alone, a lot of us are so computer challenged it's pathetic! Velia