Friday, July 10, 2009

Crafting Where??????

What do you do with a Crafter that is sentenced to stay in bed due to one thing and to wear an eye patch due to another??? You prop her up and surround her with things She can do !?!?! or try to do --- to keep her from being a complete PIB!!! Don't know how long this will work?? but here is some of the things I have done this last week-- IN BED --- I dont even remember the weeks before so Must be getting better!!--Had eye surgery that didnt get off the ground too good Still hoping for better days..Maybe a better mood will help??hoho And an old problem I thot I had controled --Reared its ugly head -- but hey-- You can hand sew in bed and you can draw--two of my favorite sports --uh-- crafts --- so I dressed my lil bear (i had made earlier )and I was dressing one of my dolls -- but not sure I like it --- I took the easy way out with a ribbon ---We' ll see ---A t least I am doing something !!!!!!and I decided to use my oil pastels -- Less messy in bed--- and draw the face I have in mind--- for a new doll..Janika...I may just draw for awhile --- it was fun!!! Even with one eye which needs surgery too!! Just doing this made me feel better---I also got my daughter's lap top ---to Blog --in bed---Everyone says--- Oh how wonderful .. to do things from your bed WOnderful would be being to be my old wild self OUT OF BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS A big thanks to my hubby for taking these pixs..


Linda Walsh said...

Hi, Jan:

Maybe this will cheer you up a little. I finally had a chance to post your "Get To Know The Artist/Crafter" interview on my "I Love Crafts and Craft Blogs" yesterday. I hope you like how the interview turned out. It's at .


Kai said...

OMG! I haven't been checking your BLOG, my Jan, because - DUH! - I didn't realize you were posting. And just LOOK what all I missed! Now we KNOW which Tweedle I am! But when I finish here I'm going to read Linda's article! YOU ROCK! The lil' bear is sooooo cute all dressed up! And your doll came out great! I REALLY LIKE her outfit!!!! You amaze me at all you can do regardless of circumstances! I LOOOOVE YOU!