Friday, July 17, 2009

Bright spot

The only bright spot today-- was crafting in my bed again...Really-- just taking my UFO and finally doing something with them--One lil clay fairy-- I have had sitting around-- for over ten months--waiting to be finished... I dressed her in leaves-- no less-- and I had all sorts of gossemer material-- I was going to use --go figure-- No sewing just a lil glue .. I also glued some fiber--- for a lil tail on a pin--- and thot I wuld show a journal I had made...Just because I cant do much --my poor muse is going heywire with ideas---Cest la vie------


Kai said...

Sooooo much gorgeousness to look at in a single post, my Jan! First of all your tiny mermaid is just perfection! I love her tail! But it's that Leaf Fairy that especially blows me away! O-M-G! Where on earth do you GET these inspirations? Absolutely EXQUISITE! I could just LOOK at her and feel a breath of fresh Autumn air! Ahhhhh! I am forgetting something but I will go back and look then comment on it in a bit. I'm just too gaga over that Leaf Fairy! I am BOWING to you! GREAT JOB!

Kai said...

OH! How could I have forgotten the journal??? (Because I'm a chowder brain, THAT'S why, of course. LOL!) Did you sew that or glue it or, or, or? The colors are so pretty and peaceful and you ALWAYS make one-of-a-kind art pieces that are TREASURES. (Just like YOU!)