Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think

don't everyone disappear -- but I think --I need a new camera---This one only takes one or two pics-- per new battery --and I don't take good pics anyway...Maybe-- just maybe-- a new one would help---Anyway.. I am almost finished with my Friendly Plastic projects..I am really glad I found out-- that you can just heat FP --with an embossing gun --to work with it-- instead of the hot water bathe and the oven or electric skillet thing.I am sure those-- are needed also-- for more creative approaches-- but this one does the trick for someone in my position.. bed craftin-- hmmm---- Oh well-- takes all kinds-- and you can usually find all kinds blogging-- soooo here I am--While doing these gals-- I thot of a lot of different approches to FP .. I may try when able....... SO--I backed these gals with black FP--- to make them stronger-- but I forgot the front gets a wee bit soft too-- and will pick up smudges from the fingers .. learn while you work they always say!!!I used Yarn for hair because the colors seem to fit !?!? I haven't decided whether to gloss over the yarn(hair) --or just leave it ..I liked the faces better after I put a finish on them .. Back to the ol drawing board ---

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Kai said...

The Tweedles are WONDERFUL! Yes! Yarn was EXACTLY right for the hair! And I love the gloss on their faces! It brings them to life! As if two wild Tweedles NEED much to 'come to life', huh? I DID note the eye colors. No need to guess who's who! LOL! All we need to do NOW is jump on our horses & head for the nearest pow wow and then it's off to the Gypsy music festival! C'mon! YOU READY?