Saturday, August 8, 2009

How cute is this??

Oops Sorree I forgot to make it right-- Still cute on its side -- This is what my lil granddaughter made at her art camp -- MUSART all by herself...The pixs she drew will be hung in downtown Apex for a week or so ..and the pixs her mom took of her playing cello and violin and guitar and piano are still not in my hands....She is Nine..Wont even ask my mom what I did at nine hmmmm

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Kai said...

Good HEAVENS! Kami sews WAY better than her Aunty Kai, FOR SURE! (And I'll have to tell Courtney to come take a peek at this when she returns from vacation 'cause she will love it, too!) Kami, I think instead of HUGGING you whenever I see you, I'm going to have to get an AUTOGRAPH first! I'm so impressed with everything you and Kevin are accomplishing & learning! BRAG, BRAG, BRAG!