Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm time in NC

During Spring break --It has been our pleasure to take Kami out to care for (and ride) Jack--  ( A thoroughbred-)  Not quite the farm we were use to in Illinois  but gorgeous on its own--And --where as my husband   always  does (and has)looked for the biggest eggs he can find --she is esp fond of the bantam eggs she brings home to eat---My camera went dead before  there could be picture evidence of my visits--the only time I remembered to bring the camera ---of course-- But I was the one who took these  --and no--  didn't break the camera when  they tried to take a pix of me hihi  altho I never like taking pixs (of myself) --I didn't get a picture of my favorite horse Quill-- either---A 15 year old Percheron ( and Trudo who is recovering from an injury)--But then It is all about Kami and Jack--and I did get their picture!!and the lil ladies who supplies us with their dainty eggs!!! I think Kami and I are due to paint some horse pictures for her room and maybe a horse quilt--?? We shall see--- I think I have Spring fever because the outside has   more appeal right now than my crafting---

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