Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Have been asked to talk about my favorite products--- and that is quite a feat for me---  since I haven't met a product or a craft-- I didn't like---  and since  like a butterfly--I flit from one thing to another --I haven't really thot about it!?!?!?! I have thot about  making some tutorials--Without all the Ideas and generous people ---that travel this internet--I wouldn't be doing half of what I now do ---and having so much fun!! My---THANKS TO ALL ---- who inspire--- and share so generously!!!!I found this adorable lil girl while looking at stamps------ I need a note book and pen by my computer to write down names---I see something I like-- while searching out things for a project I am doing-- and  Since I don't have a "Favorite"s spot like I did  with my old computer---I have a book mark thingy I haven't gotten the hang of yet---SO I save  things and go looking for it later----MY problem  again is I seem to like  EVERYTHING!!! Cest la vie

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Kai said...

Uh-oh! I see all this blogging and no emails to Kaidoodle so I guess I am on my Jan's BAD LIST. I HOPE NOT! Sad over here.