Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Sentiments exactly Kami

Sometimes the older generation can widen your eyes and make you hold your words in --hihi !?!?!?--First off -- the war with the squirrels has escalated---and so fast that--- we didn't get to  get it  in pictures----YET-----------But for now----Think--- Vaseline  and  Cirque du Soleil------
Then---  the pictures we did get--- of  my jumbled desk --and --- over crowded  work corner---must have been so  horrific --- that the computer deleted them--- itself!!! Cant find a one!!---Have several projects going at once--- and was going to show "why" I don't show my step by step!! I guess I was right!! Not a sight you show off !!!Hmmmmmmmm  But I aint giving up!!  YET hihihi

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