Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year "everyone"

Been trying to decide  ----just "WHAT" ---I want to do this year????The US is on a fiscal cliff and I --am fighting a creative BLOCK!!! in other words standing on my own cliff!?!?! How do I know??I  have surfed the internet and didn't find a thing--I wanted to try---  Isn't that  just ---SAD!?!?!----I've catered..  (weddings and all sort of parties)---I have painted.. (in every media-- oils --watercolors--colored pencils and special crayons--charcoal --etc)I have made toys in every media---(clay --wood --cloth  tin  etc)  I have sewn for people--(weddings -- costumes  etc)-I have made jewelry --  Zowee--- name it  --AND I AM PRETTY SURE i HAVE TRIED IT!!! (and --  yesssss----gotten paid---- for most) Sadly--I am one of the original--Jill of all trades and master of none!!! Instead of a burning desire to master a craft..I've had a burning desire--- to try my hand at  everything that is out there---Either way-- I think --I am sort of  burned out right now----SO forgive me if I lay low awhile----and if anyone thinks they have found a solution for all this---- Just let me know!!! bIG HUGS FROM A LOST CRAFTER  AKA jANDEE

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Kai said...

Noooooo! It's only temporary - until some wonderful & interesting NEW craft pops up! I WISH I were as adventurous as you in creating. To me, there's NOTHING you can't do and do BETTER than the originals! REALLY! I have your gorgeous art displayed in EVERY. ROOM. OF. THIS. HOUSE!!!!! Everytime people are here they brag on your beautiful creations! So don't dispair! You will be making something cutting edge before long! I LOVE YOU, MY JAN!