Monday, January 21, 2013

Proof postive

That I -never-- have any space-- all to myself ---(hmmmm) --  esp this weekend---- My  DH --My dolls--and MR MOO-- Have elected to keep me company--No matter What--- What being--- feeling "yucky" ( and hopefully it isn't the start of something  - drastic!?!?! like the flu bug going around) and feeling guilty that I have so many UFOs---Did get a  special project-- with a Gran --finished ---and  am "not" completely down for the count yet--Still it is a holiday --MLKD--and no one had to go to work---Maybe I just wanted to Par-ty!?!?!

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Kai said...

Your BED looks like my craft table! LOL! Well, SORT OF. Sadly, I don't have a Mr. Moo. Maybe he could come over here & play!!!! Hope you are feeling BUNCHES better today! I LOVE YOU, my Jan!