Friday, January 25, 2013


No --wait---  I mean journal-ing ---  in  a "dreamy" state of mind??? As I have said before--I revert to drawing-- when I need an "easy"- get to--artistic  outlet ---(drawing has always been my best outlet)...I have tried journal-ing  ---as  you can do a lot of mixed media with that----- But after pretty-ing up the pages --I am at a loss...Never kept a diary  -- Words are work for me !!?!?!Well words that convey a wise or meaningful message!!!  but I did  "try" to journal----  And---I  had marbled some paper a while back and drew people on them---..Loved that ---but these  pages  were done with sprayed inkand
The dragonfly was made of fantasy paper -- and the  lil lady dancing on the lace was a left over ( Shrink plastic) charm ---I had made for a swap--and she is dancing on a piece of lace--I found---In other words --my ufos are finally getting recycled into something---  I think!?!?!?!

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Kai said...

I LOVE the multi-layering you do. It's so seamless & looks as though it was always supposed to BE this way. You don't realize how truly genius you are!!! REALLY!