Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking for-----

"MY" style!!!! All my creations seem to be so different that I was told..they cant be picked out as--- MY Style!!! But getting  closer heheheh---Do have --two --big eyed gals in my  latest creations--- of cloth dolls---Nothing like my clay dolls or my nylon-sculpted dolls or or my wooden dolls-- And----Two dolls in this pix --have embroidered faces and the other two are painted---I have even tried blank faces--I think Mr Moo is trying to tell me...No more ( or slow down)--the web browsing====So--- my fickle muse can walk a straighter path-- Too late----I have a new book from Japan on felting  and I have been browsing  Russian blogs-- SO in awe of these gals and their work-- I have pinned a half dozen or so  of their  creations --on  my Pinterst---Soooo Who cares about finding a style---- I am having too much fun--- experimenting with everyone else's---Not copying  tho--- as my dolls never even come out like I PLAN---and sometimes they are sooo off the wall--I even wonder where they come from?????HMMMMMMM
But there is nothing like  wallowing (can I say that??_)  in a variety of creative juices elsewhere--to refresh you  own creative spring..Now to start my newest projects and not just THINK about them!!!!

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