Sunday, January 18, 2009


My kind of doll--finished the first go round!!Maybe because I didnt have any great expectations for the poor lil thing,,, anyway.. I took time off --to --show some ladies --some how tos-- in making clothes pin dolls --and VOILA!! Of course-- after I bought my clothes pins at Michaels..I found some super neat ones at ACE hardware --while looking for some springs..but knowing that I am "NOT" a production master --I didnt buy them--- I will be lucky to get more than two or three more clothes pin doll done..from my stash .My ADD ya know..The two clothes pins pictured here-- were both purchased at Michaels..The one at Ace-- had pointed tips and a sleeker body and head!!!Yep we all used the Michael ones This time around!!!
I did get hair on my lil --big eyed --doll --I pulled out as much of the wool-- I had on her --and put twisted up --Knobby-- yarn---I don't know-- what-- made me think of it-- but I really like the look -- up close and personal.... I also thot to make her a lil cat -- but now-- I pulled out some blue felt and back to the drawing board --Plus I dont know why?? I decided to make her nose smaller-- When I went back -- to her first pixs--- I sort of like the first one.. See why I never get finished with some of the dolls!! And it is not her fault ---as She hasnt said a word..Lordy what will happen when we get to the clothes ??We all know how girls -- big and small -----are about their clothes!!!!!!
Oh Well lets see what problems I can make for myself next!!

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Kai said...

Oh, your clothespin doll is DARLING!!!!!! How do you THINK to do these cool things? I need to be around you 24/7 so some of your talent & creative ideas will rub off on ME. And the lil' kitty for your dolly? I KNOW she loves it! (She'll love her clothing, too - whatever you decide to dress her in will be PERFECT!)