Saturday, January 24, 2009


My favorite part-- of "any" creation-- and the thing I start with-- no matter what I am doing--- drawing-- clay --or-- cloth --is the face...Once more-- the lil faces are appearing..I wanted a few for my clothes pins..Just to see what I come up with-- and someone mentioned my nature elf ..He has a home in another state I thot I woud try to see if I could come up with another llil guy --and---I have He has a dried mushroom hat-- and a dried mushroom collar..I never really paint-- these lil guys --in keeping with their nature attire-- but I did sort of put a stain on this one.--just to see-- and I like it!! Also I have a pix of the heads I made for three other clothes pins--out of adc-- I only made three-- as I sort of like the one with the cloth head too..You know me -- and my ADD---I am thinking of making heads to sell or kits and lot of other things in mind-- but that will come later..I am soooo trying to work on something tilll it is done and on to the next..Wish I could organize --"ME"

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Kai said...

My Jan, I'd LOOOOOVE to be a fly on your wall (well, as long as Naughty stayed away from me with the fly swatter - LOL!) so I could watch you create these wonderful, diverse faces! Each ONE is different and has its own characteristics & personality! I hope you DO make them to sell! I'll be first in line! They are ALL marvelous, but that mushroom guy is just GREAT!!!