Thursday, January 8, 2009

A new year--a new doll

I usually dont do flat- face - painted- dolls--I remember "WHY" now --NO Patience!!! I like to paint and be done--With cloth-- pencils fade-- water color warps the stuffing unless you prep-- and on and on-- But --I had this big- eyed- lil- girl in mind and just had to try it.. SO the New Year is going to try my patiences too taking pixs as you work shows all the problems..This should prove quite a journey---Are Ya with me??????

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Kai said...

I'm SO glad I'm checking your blog before MB gets here! (She's late, of course.) WOW! Did you just free-hand draw that incredible face? She's wonderful! Don't know how you do it. Your dolls always look as thought they are truly looking right AT a person! I wish I could achieve that! But that's why YOU are the TALENTED Tweedle! LOL! (I LOOOOVE YOU!)