Wednesday, January 21, 2009


She sat by the sewing machine --waiting patiently for me --to get back to her--I finally have --she has a pretty blue dress and a new blue? (felt)kitty ..Everyone seems to like those lil felt thingees so I decided to make her one-- to sort of match her dress--(Besides-- Kami asked for the felted one and I couldnt say no!!)-She still needs a few things-- but she finallly is getting there..Goodness I had a black dress with white lace --and a brown dress with different quilt trims-- well not actually dresses just a drawn design and material scraps -- but noone here approved-- SO-- I thot -- blue eyes blue dress !! Bingo we all agreed... Now to "finish" her hohohoho-- I have another doll in mind -- Lets see --who and what-- gets FINISHED first !?!?! Maybe another-- off the wall project-- with my clothes pins????

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Kai said...

OH, WOW!!!!! She came out so great! That blue is EXACTLY right, my Jan! And I love her new lil' blue Meow! I'm sooooo glad I came over here to peek just in case you'd added a new pretty!