Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today is Thanksgiving! Why didn't the holidays arrive this fast when I was younger?? Maybe I should put in my  Christmas wishes-- with this Thanksgiving wish!! So nothing can slip past me in this busiest of seasons!!!!  BUT --I know ---you know ---I am thankful for everything and esp--- my internet family -- Still--- never hurts to remind everyone---You have kept me sane-- thru many sorrows --and giddily happy thru many triumphs---Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Kai said...

I'm sneaking an early-morning moment in this kola-filled house of insanity (LOL) to check my bestest friend's blog! I hope the Apex gang had a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving! Wish you'd been here! I LOVE YOU, my Jan! Will email on Sunday when everyone has left. They decided to stay over till then. It's crazzzzy (but fun) around here!