Tuesday, May 8, 2012

woohoo-----  I AM BACK!!  Just thot I would warn ya!!     Started on some challenges  at  the PAPER PANTRY---Guess I ---WILL--- have to get dressed  ---when I go for some  supplies--but it IS nice to just visit in ---------.I mean on the computer hihi!! Did enjoy--Seeing the Outer Banks---and my cousin Tanya Mallard   in Plymouth!!   Hi Tanya--If you are reading this!!!Now you know me and Cameras---Well I lived up to my reputation....Took one along and never used it----I take the battery" S" out of the Camera because it sucks the life out of them --the minute I put some in--SO I "had" packed them  "Somewhere" and forget about them until--I want to take a picture--Get the picture!?!?!

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