Saturday, May 19, 2012

To swap ----or not to swap??

I  recently came across this pix of a pin I had made for a swap--- Not my first or last swap that went awry-----Like sending it out into space-with no return and no replies---- At least it was just a pin.. One swap-- that  sort of blew me away -- was one --I not only put a lot into -- but had a "lot" of special things included--for my partner--- who had corresponded-- before the swap---- but once I sent my part --My partner just disappeared!!  I wrote and  asked the hostess " what happened?" and
all she said is-- Guess we just have to deal with it--- some people are so rude!!  Luckily--I had ARIES Parents --who lived up to their astrological sign--and never let anyone (or anything) to get them down---TY /M&D------SO I keep on Swapping -- and  needless to say--- have met the nicest people and gotten the best swaps-- Have faith ---  Still  swap!!

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