Thursday, May 10, 2012


You saw my crafting  "SPACE"??? ----in my room--  you would say---- I live in a circus!!!hi-hi--- Anyway--You would also know  why I do / what I do/ to feed my craft needs---I would dearly love to buy "stamps"--- But that would  bring truth to my husband's words --- that as soon as I equip myself for a new craft---  I am on to the next--- and not only can we afford ---only so much ---but there is simply no room to store these things--  (and if --we finally get to bring up my BOXES of craft supplies from Illinois --that is now in storage there -----wellllllll----So I surfed the NET --( where there is a WILL-- there is a WAY--right!?!?!)and found all these marvelous images -- and cut them out --and pasted them together and put them in my copier and Voila--I had something to mod podge onto my blank ATCs--- for the PAPER PANTRY'S --May (circus theme) atc swap-- Not selling them--Not saying they are mine--  Just sort of advertising the circus--SO I think  it was a safe thing????Usually I  draw up my own--  but I found--- I cant  do  --many--- of the-- same-- thing---I give each a different twist-- soooooo I had to find a way to do--- Many of the Same---Anyway--  I have a start ------

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