Sunday, January 23, 2011

A peek

At the transformation of my --wire/wrapped/wax/over face -- lil lady.. pulled out of my pile (of works in process--Lots of start and stops--on things-- to keep my mind off the problems going around me__I only seem to finish a project when I have a order or deadline -- this time a swap over at Cindy's Thimbleprims Studio-- She has the neatest blog and swaps etc -- so check her out --if I was better on this computer I would have it out there for you to just click-- but haven't gotten that far with this computer --yet---- Another thing I need to learn more of..Boots-- I think her boots were the hardest for me to come up with--- as we don't have a Hobby Lobby closer than 50 miles -- and too much going on for travel for anything but essentials---Oh I made her stockings out of an old silk handy I had..SO most of the dress was from saved treasures..I love the challenge of seeing --what--can make what!! Grins and pins of tangles art from a tangles mind Jandee

1 comment:

Kai said...

Wow! I cannot get over the amazing face on the new black & white doll! Makes me want to go throw MY swap doll in the TRASH! You never fail to astound me! BEAUTIFUL DOLLS, BEAUTIFUL COSTUMING, BEAUTIFUL ARTIST!!!!!!