Tuesday, January 25, 2011


KEEP MY HEARTY (AIR DRY )CLAY IN A PICKLE JAR..OF COURSE i CLEAN IT AND LET IT AIR DRY SO IT DOESN'T SMELL LIKE PICKLES--BUT IT SURE KEEPS THE CLAY FROM' DRYING OUT LIKE SO MANY OTHER CONTAINERS i HAVE TRIED---i ALSO KEEP A PKG OF DIFFERENT SIZES OF FOAM BALLS (FROM THE DOLLAR STORE) AND TOOTHPICKS AND POLYESTER LINING..CUZ IT IS THIN AND STRONG AND i LIKE TO NEEDLE SCULPT MY LIL BODIES---i LIKE HEARTY CLAY BECAUSE IF I decide to cover the clay face in cloth..it has a soft-- almost stuffed feeling to it...Lets see--- I cant run out for hair..I am baby sitting a sick gran!!! so I found some roping --- and it unwinds into some pretty locks..I have drawers of paints --(because I paint/draw/ on most anything that will take it--- but I usually rely on FOLK ART..for faces and shoes on dolls!!If I get lazy and don't want to "make" shoes!! Happens a lot-- hmmm ---Anyway-- I am trying to set up-- How I do things --in order to -- learn how I can do free tutorials for the people who asked--SO guess this is a learn as we go for all of us hihi I wish it was live so I could have feedback oh what I need to be showing Oh welllllllllllll here goes nothing!?!?!


Kai said...

Wow! In a single post, you managed to teach me at LEAST 4 great tips AND show your doll in a stage I've NEEDED to see so I can emulate it. THANK YOU, my Jan! You teach ME something new all the time. Now if only we were near enough to sit down together & create!

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

I never thought about the pickle jar to store the clay in. I, too, haven't had much success with other jars. Thanks for the tip.

I've yet to try the fabric over clay technique but want to. There's something about it that seems a little intimidating or difficult to me. This is something I just need to jump into and try. It would be easy to work with someone side by side to show me. I'm more of a visual gal.