Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh welllll

my "shared" camera is missing!! so no photos yet-- for what I am working on...I attached my lil Air dry clay--- cat head--- You can see it-- laying around in the last post---- to a small body today ---and decided to paint the body...I used some watered down white glue with my paint --- to cover some seams--- and where the clay head was attached to the body --and was delighted to see--- it made the body have a furry look and a lacy look for the bodice !! Don't you just love it--- when you try new things ---and they WORK!!!!But every time I think this one is going to zip right thru-- NO Problems--I do something stupid.. I really liked her face and eyes -- but I didn't wait long enough to start dressing her --- and I pulled some cloth over her face --- and wrecked one of her eyes---I had used top coat nail polish over the paint and it looked dry -- but it wasn't..It had such a nice lil clear dome too..My bad!!! Guess it is good that durn camera is in use elsewhere No need to have pictures to remind me of my goofs!!!! An-d--- I have --three lil dollies to work on--- but I always try to get one done all the way ---One day I will learn to stop-- and let one settle out and work on another one --and then go back to the other one !!! Ya think?????


Kai said...

Oooooooh! I KNOW who's getting that adorable kitty and I hadn't realized till NOW that you SCULPTED the head!!!!! DUH! I thought you meant you had a BOUGHT kitty head lying around. Now I love it even MORE!!!!! And see? You taught me something else this morning: watered down glue mixed in the paint to hide seams! Cooooool!

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

This is the first time I'm visiting your site. You have some interesting things on it. I love Maukie. The picture of the Moster Doll from the swap scared me. Never did I imagine anything like that! but certainly did enjoy seeing it! And, I learned from your posts. Glad I found you.