Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween came and went and I didnt put up "Weecheee" my Latest doll!! Sort of a GOTH witch!!! Please note the belt and necklace..I lost the first two to Kami-- and had to go buy two more-- So If she likes it!!! I am not being too dark minded going into GOTH !! I have always liked the simple lil black dress etc and bling -- so guess I was Goth/minded --clothes-wise anyway-- and didnt know it !! hope everyone had a nice Trick n Treat weekend --The tales I could tell-- with the lil wonders that came to our door-- Poor things -- we had some scary things up.. Never took pixs-- Never enough time anymore -- it seems---but the only pixs I wish-- I had -- was their faces at our door --- One lil boy said-- Boy -- you have it so scary-- I almost didnt come up here--- now thats the way I like it I like it!!! teehee Course you wouldnt know it by Weecheee She is a pretty witch !!!


Chez Le Pouppe said...

I love your witchy witch!!!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I love your work! Do you have an etsy shop or somewhere where you sell your creations?

Risa said...

I love this doll! You are so talented! I have the dolls you sent me displayed in my living room in my new house. Everyone who comes over comments on how wonderful they are!

Happy Holidays, Jan!

Love, Risa