Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Lumpkin

my new lil pumpkin-- Darn if she isnt a pumpkin version of Raggedy Ann *all that hair"(and I love RA)I should make a RA-- but never get to it
--I was making something for my toodler "witch" to hold--- but (Lumpkin)ended up too big and distracting--- SO I will have to let her do her own thing--Her blankee is a spider web net-- How kool is that???-Her lil outfit is from a (new) halloween sock/// With my husband's coming surgery-- which will limit outings-- I will be creating up a storm --I hope haha-- SO need to hold a giveaway .. Just have to learn the ropes here-- Now who do I bug to help me out here -Instruct me on what to do I was real proud of myself ---I put some of my creations up on flckr finally ....I love the slide show Wish I had all my things from a lil farther back but hey better late than never.... inch by inch as they say

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