Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The first lil lady in black was suppose to be my Yoga lady Have to work some more on this pin She has wire hair and bead legs and arms wrapped in black yarn and a flat bead face.. The next pix is the final outfit I made for the pink pin... Everyone here --- liked it the best ---I sort of liked the longer pink skirt (thrid pix) more dreamy!! But the majority won !!! She is now had a petal skirt because the bead legs show more... I love lil pins ---- doesnt take as long to make--- but darn it does take time to think up and do hohoho --cant win!! Wont try -- but --will just keep on trying things out!!!

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Kai said...

They are all so cute I can't decide which is my fave! I vote for ALL of them! Darn, you ARE fast! It takes me forever to finish ANYTHING, my Jan! Come create with me - I NEED you to INSPIRE me! (AND to make me FINISH things! LOL!)