Monday, May 4, 2009


Which stands for--- M_ ind O_ f H_ er O_ wn---This doll sure had one ..I thot about making a doll for the hostess of the doll club ---I am going to tomorrow.. this will be my ---YEA ---second visit to a doll club--- Ive waited sooo long to go to one (DOll CLUB) and I owe it all to the hostess tomorrow -- But I didnt think about doing this until the last minute SOOOO LIKE ME And I wonder why I am called the White Rabbit hahaha She was-- to be a red pin doll!! Welllll she is still a small doll--- but too big to be a pin doll--- that is for sure ..And I painted her face-- and then ended up embroidering her eyes and mouth Then her red feather hair became black --and I finally cut into the --Sari--- that was given to make her outfit ..The hostess is Indian--and the sari was given to me by my doctor --- because it had a rip and SHE was throwing it out-- I almost died--All that gorgeous silk --- BUT HOW this doll---WENT FROM A RED PIN DOLL--- TO THIS LIL DOLL -- I'll never know ???? Lest see`--She is still simple enough-- nothing like a couple of Indian dancers-- I have made-- but it just amazes me how she came to be.. I still have lots to do--to/for her but thot I would show her as she will be finished and gone tomorrow I HOPE!!!


Risa said...

I love her!

Kai said...

THAT'S why you are so awesome! (Well, it's ONE reason you are awesome!) You create things straight from your heart & spirit and they are always wonderful! I love this doll & I know Heera did, too! (By the way, I want to hear all about the doll club meeting! I love you, my Jan!)