Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still cloth/new direction

Meet Emily--My new doll!! Thanks to my friend Herra --- who---to took me to Cindy Ribet's house with her ..I got hooked on the doll they were making and decided to try one!! I have learned so much and have so much more to learn ---but I am glad I tried her!!! I still need to make her an outfit and that too will be so different!! I usually do more elaborate clothing and this must be simple-er !!! I drew out my own pattern.. because my first try was awful..and I know how I do things.. I guess ---I dont like to copy things-- per se --because it doesnt have to be exact--- Whatever compels this frustrations with patterns etc But Like a person who plays music by ear I sew bysight if that makes sense.. The only problems with that is if I see something I likle I can retain it in my mind and come up with it later WHich I try very very hard Not to Anyway...Here is Emilly I wonder if the cloth doll people will feel I am finally oe of them?????


Kai said...

WHAT??????? You ARE 'one of the doll world', my Jan! Your dolls are ALWAYS wonderful! My Red Fairy is the best doll I EVER had & I love her FIERCELY! This lovely new lady you're making is soooo pretty! She reminds me of the sweet dolls from years ago. I am going to be peeking back in daily to see how she's progressing! Can't wait to see her outfitted!

Lone Pierette said...

hi Jandee , thanks for the nice words on my blog. You have a lovely blog yourself ! Love this doll !
hugs, Lone