Monday, April 13, 2009

Mooshes and dolls and husbands and wishes

Remember Mandy and her Moosh!! - Darn those things are getting popular-- Have had more requests for them.. Anyway went to my very first doll club-- thanks to my friend Herra ---
and they are making A DOLL I HAVE NEVER TRIED BEFORE They are just about done WITH THE CLUB DOLLS SO I have some catching up to do-- if I go to the next meeting --dont want to be empty Handed ??!!!Even if my doll doesnt turn out like theirs-- I will have a doll in hand hmmm wonder what they will think?? Anyway-- this month --I am tackling things--- out of my box-- for sure -- Mooshes and these - dolls!! My husband decided to help and he is great!!! but some of my dolls were stuffed so hard --the seams split..I just repaired the seam as neatly as I could-- hmmm --cant afford to lose the help.Keeps him busy and understanding of what I am doing!! He loves to read too-- so that helps--- the in-between times-- or he gets restless and the crafts dont even get on the table ....NO ONE in either family does any crafts so I am lucky he lets me dabble ....ANYWAY DO what I can --while I can----and babble on and on in my Blog..How lucky can I get???

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