Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was given three things --- An Occasion --colors ---and a small computer pix !!! Boy!!! did that test my muse!!!! I finally came up with this!!! And YES I would do things different next time --- But no time to redo--THe blue jersey didnt stuff well and tore easily!! I did cut out some musical butterflies because I loved the ones my friend Kai had sent me on a crown But I had to look all over for that music paper !?!?! Saleslady said -- a lot come out at Christmas --but I found some in a music dept-- Once again YARN came to my rescue!!! Some I had..from another project tied in all the colors..And I found a cool saying ""You remember the song-- when my heart forgets to sing""""" How Kool is that?? It nothing else that saved the piecet!?!?!OH WELl It is done!!!!WISH I could do patterns but then I couldnt do odd things and my way sooooo and since I only do them ONCE I wuld have the tower od Babel in patterns,,Whatever SOOOO glad to get it done ----and learned a lot AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Never ending learning thing this doll and gift making!!!!!!!


Risa said...

I really like it! I think you did a wonderful job.. so creative.

Kai said...

I say it every single time - you can make the smallest dolls & STILL get so much amzing detail into them! I LOVE this & think you did an incredible job meeting all the criteria! I wish I could see it up close. I know that's Kevin - but is that you? I can't see the picture well with my wonky vision!